Skills Include:

  • Airbrush techniques
  • Corrective makeup
  • Fine art background
  • Basic FX
  • Skin tone and texture expertise
While extensive time and resources go into the creation of the work presented here, included in them are also those intangibles you’re unlikely to see elsewhere.

I guess makeup artistry 

is in my genes.

As a small child I was always fascinated watching my mom put her makeup on. At an early age I started to oil paint and by the time I reached high school, my friends all wanted me to do their makeup for the prom.

Born and raised in New York, I pretty much immersed myself with art and fashion. I continued to paint and studied oil with a master restorer. I learned color value and blending which is crucial for makeup to look great! I believe that makeup should enhance features not cover them up.

I worked in retail cosmetics as well as salons in New York for many years before moving to Florida. This was crucial to my development as a makeup artist. I was exposed to so many different skin tones, textures, and types of skin, I learned a great deal about how to approach the design of the makeup.

Today, I am a free-lance artist/aesthetician with many years of experience. I love to create and design makeup. When I am not obsessing about eyelashes or brows, I am learning new trends and coming up with fresh ideas.

About Jill

Jill possesses those rare qualities we find in but a few individuals.